Testimonials from ERA Horizon Group Agents (part 2)

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“ERA Horizon Group is different from other teams; it's not only supported by a direct manager, it's supported by a group of leaders, it's just like a family.

ERA Horizon Group leaders have the passion to teach & assist me, provide lots of trainings, experience sharing, answering my queries promptly.

With their support, I have made tremendous progress since I joined this business. I couldn't this far without their support.”

Louis Leow


“Hi I am Hazel Tan. I joined property line in the year 2010 just before the CEA was introduced. I was from the last batch of CEA exam before CES was introduced. I was with another firm. I was in that company for one full year. During that year I did nothing n earned nothing. Totally zero sales! No proper guidance n training was given and I don't even know where n how to start.

Until in the year of 2011 Nov, John Lee, my current DD from ERA Horizon Group called me. He invited me over for his recruitment presentation. I was really hesitant during that time. I lost confidence n trust in whatever DD n leaders said to me. I was about to give up in property line but decided to give it a last try since I had passed my CEA exam.

I joined ERA Horizon Group in the year 2011 Dec, since then I have no regrets. I was first introduced the WOW programme when I first started. From this course I get to know the procedure n steps of getting started in property. Of course there are courses like WOC, WSS, WIS, WAP, weekly sharing etc. In ERA Horizon Group, not only you get exposed to many different courses but as well as quarterly awards for your recognition. We have great fun especially when all agents mingle together like a big family.

What I appreciated most are the leaders, they really put in their effort and their personal precious time in coaching us. They can be out there doing their own personal sales but instead they spent their precious time on us. They sacrificed their sales and time. Here, I would like to sincerely thank two particular leaders who really put in their time n patience on me. They are Charles Tan and Ng Luo Yi. Their unselfishness sharing n coaching really touched me. Luo Yi spent two full days of his personal time coaching n refreshing on what I had learnt in ERA Horizon Group and Charles helped me to earn a few thousands in my property. From a zero sales to a nearly 8-9K. That was a lot to me as all the while I was holding a zero dollar sales. I was really elated.

In this line, of course hard work is necessary but without proper guidance n training, it is impossible for us to succeed. Which company you joined is not important, the most important thing is which leaders you follow. So I can boldly said that I have no regrets in joining ERA Horizon Group. They have great leaders, knowledgeable courses and sharing and of course great fun too. Hooray n cheers for Horizonians!!!”

Hazel Tan


“I have been so fortunate to be in ERA Horizon Group right from the very beginning of my real estate career. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the leaders in ERA Horizon Group for being so helpful and selfless in providing proper guidance to all team members especially the rookies. Many a times I pondered and marvelled how u all leaders could have the time to plan and managed so many meaningful and useful sharing/training programs for us as u all r so busy yourselves. I personally appreciated and enjoyed all these ongoing initiatives that were being organised for us.
I am convinced that u all leaders in ERA Horizon Group are a very well organised and managed lot that could propel me in my real estate career advancement!
My sincere appreciation.

Wee Leng


“I am happy to join this dynamic team. This team has great team leaders and a great culture in encouraging its other team members to do well. It also focused on training programs which I benefited much, especially the Commercial Realtor Program, which I do not see any other divisions doing this type of training.

I personally will encourage others to join this dynamic team, which is now ERA No. 1 in recruitment & had won many awards in 2012.”

Albert Ang

“I was one of the many that has benefited from ERA Horizon Group training programs. Here, we have dedicated trainers that are willing to share with you whatever you need to know regarding prospecting, attending listing presentation, HDB policies, etc...

Here, it takes 2 hands to clap. I have benefited tremendously from the strong sharing culture in this division by attending most of the trainings & programs.

For those new agents & low production agents, I strongly urge you to participate in our trainings & programs so that you can too benefit from it & also to know the trainers/leaders on a more personal level...as the sayings goes." Real estate sales is all about people relationship". Have you too make a concrete effort to participate? If you had, Congratulations! Because you will make it one day by mixing with positive people.”

Alan Wee


“I was recruited by my Mentor Cody Sim and I benefitted with 2 more mentors John & Eugene. I enjoy being in the team. It's like a big family.

I regretted not joining them earlier. Our Great leaders are men of foresights. They shared with us regularly on Facebook, what's app and email keep everyone posted daily ...where you can find such wonderful successful Directors of 3, doing all these for you (Trust me and don't dream you can find it in anywhere else!)

Supported by our hardworking and highly calibre Team leaders. I benefitted greatly from the once every two weeks WSS sharing sessions.

WSS - This program is highly recommend!!

Our great Leaders and well supported by team leaders, they show you how to get leads.
It's like they give you a fish rod and teach you to how to fish ...

When you need assistance, Our great leaders Never Fail me with their busy schedule ...and many more.

This is a Great Division to join, I would strongly recommend to my friends and co-broke agents!

Cheers for my Great leaders in ERA Horizon Group!!

Janet Chew


“Very fortunate happen to be in the Horizon Group

Although it is only about 2 months joining the WOC event, I can feel that those trainers, leaders, DD , mentors etc really put their heart in guiding , training, sharing in helping us to be success in the real estate industry.

There are numerous of training program,sharing session for us to participate.Most of them are free or at only nominal fee.

If I had friend intended to join this industry I will not hesitate to persuade them to join HORIZON GROUP. The group with personal, family touch.

Once again, Thanks to all the mentors.”

Thomas Chia


“I chose to join the ERA Horizon Group in December 2011 as I felt the group is made up of young leaders and they are very agressive. As I intend to excel in the industry, I was encouraged and motivated when I joined them as everyone was working hard towards their goals, especially the team leaders!

As the group is made up of three divisions, all the team leaders joined forces in providing training and support to the whole group of agents. This is indeed a very wise move by the leaders as one can leverage on each other and the whole group benefit as a result. I was very impressed. In the last eight years, I had joined several companies and leaders, the leader often depend only on himself and he could not give the full support to the group due to time and effort constraint. Very often, we heard agents complaining that their managers were not taking care of them or render any support. In ERA Horizon Group, there will be no such issue! Many different courses are conducted to tailor to the different needs of agents from different levels. The trainers are very dedicated and share selflessly with the team members. One can always count on the leaders for their support and promptness in answering all queries!

I am happy to join this Dynamic Group as I can learn from them and make myself a better agent though I am an experienced agent. The courses that I had attended had helped me to grow and I would encourage everyone to join us in this big family!”

Lynn Ang


“I joined ERA Horizon Group in October 2012.   Before I joined ERA, I have never considered selling houses as a career.  I was just moonlighting.  It was probably because I joined the ‘wrong’ agency at the beginning and lacking in proper guidance.  Being new in this industry, I have no experience in sales and marketing. I have no one to turn to as my then manager is not doing sales and she is doing administrative role in the agency. I was lost and helpless for a couple of months and without any sales coming in, I have no income.  I began to worry and feeling very uncertain about the future.

At the point when I was feeling low and miserable, I received a call from ERA.  I was invited to consider joining ERA Horizon Group. I did not hesitate to say “yes”. 

ERA Horizon Group comprises of energetic and diplomatic salesperson. They are very professional and easy approachable, likeable character and are helpful.  I have attended the “WOW’ programme and all the trainers are willing to share with us their live experiences and success stories as well as some ‘bad’ encounters that we can learn from them.  The session is lively and interactive. Trainers are passionate in their teachings. The skills and knowledge learned in presentation, negotiation and financial calculation is useful and practical.

Housing policies and rules and regulations of the council estate agency is related to us so that as a salesperson, we are aware and have to abide.

Out in the field, my manager is very supportive and he will answer to my call promptly.  He is also a responsible manager that before he goes for his reservist training, he even made arrangement for a few managers to assist me when help is needed.  The managers are all helpful and the culture in the ERA Horizon Group is sharing and leverage on one another to bring in sales volume. When my manager is not free, the other manager will come to assist and that has definitely given me assurance and confidence.  Thank you…”

Peggy Yuen

36) “After working in such number of agencies, I strongly recommend ERA Horizon Group.

I would like to thank you for your guidance and advice under your leadership.

Indeed, it's a privilege to be in your team as you are so thoughtful and unreservedly help me whenever I needed advice.

ERA Horizon Group has given me superb training and guidance. Every team leader here has really been supportive and encouraging.

Here at ERA Horizon Group, I get to experience what team-work can truly do to help my real estate business grow significantly.

MC Leong

37) “I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the leaders of ERA Horizon Group for being able to attend to me immediately for any enquiries and doubts over the property issues. Even upon when times when you are unable to pick up the calls immediately, you would also take the time to return the calls when available.

It is your genuine sincerity and effort when comes to helping your agents that touches us. For eg., at many times, I am still in doubt especially where I am not Eugene's agent and Eugene is SO SO SO SO SO HELPFUL.

Here again, thank you very much and sincerely apologise if I ever caused any inconvenience to you.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Wish you all the best and May God bless you!!”

Tong Ka Yan

38) “The ERA HORIZON Group, led by our 3 Division Directors, has cultivated both good management skills and corporate culture. Evidently, these have translated into the achievements of many Top Group Awards and have also groomed several individual Top Achiever Awards in ERA. 

I strongly appreciate ERA HORIZON Group’s nature in customizing many courses and marketing activities that are tailored to assist everyone in their first step into this career.

ERA HORIZON Group’s unique valuable proposition lies within the composition of the management team and leaders whom has served unconditionally.  The time taken and sharing of knowledge to convey the wealth of wisdom, has certainly add qualities and serve as a confidence booster to everyone to step ahead in the property market.

Every efforts has been made  by the management team in organizing  quarterly division gatherings to create team bonding  and  presentation of  Achiever Awards,  which serve as a motivation boost to strive for better ahead.

The warm culture and dedications are the intangible assets of the ERA HORIZON Group that will continue to mutually benefit every of us.

Hence, I am PROUD to be part of the ERA HORIZON Group Family.”

Jenna Leong

39) “After joining so many property agencies, I personally find that it is lucky to join ERA Horizon Group. We have very great and hardworking DD, team leaders and now even our senior group DD come to motivate us. I took a lot of courses to upgrade myself for the past 1 year and I have learnt a lot of things which I couldn't get it from other Agencies. I feel that I finally found my home here.
Thank you :-)”

Winnie Chew

40) “A big thank you to my ERA Horizon Group Division Directors Eugene Lee and John Lee for their mentorship.

They have shared with me everything they know and have helped me achieved things that I never thought I could.

They are also very pro-active and have given me plenty of ideas to expand my business. Thank you all once again!”

Roy Teng

41) “This is my testimonial - What I like about Horizon Group is they really think of practical ways to help fellow agents to work on this biz through various in-house courses such as WOW,WOC,CRP etc which I have benefitted. They even think of way to help part-timers by introducing a WAP program. I really put both my thumbs up! The other thing I like is they embrace & leverage on technology via Facebook, WhatsApp, website to share info, listings & many relevant updates. Kudos to Horizon Group ERA! Keep up the good work.”

Rayburn Cheong

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