Testimonials from ERA Horizon Group Agents!

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I was a part-time agent for two and a half years with another big real estate firm in Singapore. I used to be earning a pretty good income in my former full-time job, which was why I didn't think of joining the real estate industry full-time. My mindset changed when I met Eugene Lee from Horizon Division of ERA. After speaking with Eugene Lee, I realised that the style of working in Team Horizon is very different from what I used to experience with my former real estate agency. At Team Horizon, everyone is willing to share their experiences in the field, their business strategies and most importantly their knowledge. On the contrary, the agents in my ex-company were all quite individualistic. Here at Team Horizon, I get to experience what team-work can truely do to help my real estate business grow significantly. I have also found a sense of belonging where I am now. I have since joined the industry full-time and I am earning more than double what I used to earn when I was doing part-time in my former agency.” 
Eugene Phey

“I would like to thank you for your guidance and advice under your leadership. Indeed, it's a privilege to be in your team as you are so thoughtful and unreservedly help me whenever I needed advice. Thanks for being so supportive and great to have a motivated leader like you.” Doris Tan 

I have just joined this team beginning of this month and I have to say the mentorship is excellent. There are numerous real estate company out there but that does not really matter because what is most important is that the mentor who is willing to put their heart and soul for you till you obtain success.”
Khairul Karim

Joining Eugene Lee at Horizon Division has been a step up in my real estate career. He has not only been my team leader but also a partner, collegue  and friend. He has always been around to advise and motivate me to reach for my fullest potential. Horizon Division is a wonderful team with great collegues who shares knowledge with one another. I want to congratulate John and Eugene in having their new division and I’m proud to be in this journey knowing I have all the support from people who will be there for me.”
Zel Yoong

“I started as a telemarketer. After more than five to six months, I decided to give real estate a try because I had never experienced such humbleness from my team managers John and Cody. I began my agent life few months and my team manager always encourage me. I was out of the industry very shortly due to new rulings as I had only 3 ‘O’ level passes. Now I retook my exams and soon will be joining back the team. I believed that if you are doing sales and don’t have a good manager, you will never succeed. That’s why I am going back to a mentor that takes care of people. Everyone is being treated very equally in this team regardless of whether new agents or producers.”
Michael Fleury

“A million thanks to John, my mentor.
I have joined a no. of property agencies before. But the problem is they normally over promised and under delivered.
This has never been the case for us under John’s wing as we constantly received updates and meet ups with him. He never fails to share with us. I have double my sales within 1 year under his care. Knowing that he is expanding his team, I would be more than happy to help him in any way!
He has the saying "our success is his success".
So what are you waiting for?”

Raymond Goh

Team Horizon members are willing to share with you the techniques and trick in this business how to make more $$$. I used to thought that real estate business is all about luck, only the lucky one will make it in this line.  But after I got into this business, I realized it is the Consistent effort + the right Techniques which you use to make things happen in this business. Team Horizon is willing to share with you their experience and technique in this business”
Simon Neo

My previous company only provide basic training, no regular team level meeting or training provided, most importantly, leader provide little on-the-job coaching and guidance. New members often feel lost.  After joining team horizon, i can see the team is very organize and has a system in place. Whether new or experience agents, they will have regular training and meet up to check and update the progress. Most importantly, all the team leaders will take turns to 'hand held' the new members to start the business the right way, by providing personal coaching and work with new members together for their projects. My income increased 3 times after learning n being coached by the team leaders. Not only the leaders themselves able to make a consistent high income, they also able to help the members to achieve high income consistently. Thank you team horizon by giving me the competitive edge.”
Bryan Tian

Team Horizon has given me superb training and guidance. The weekly team
training has well-equipped every agent with essential skills needed for
presentations.  Every team leader there, especially Eugene Lee, has been
really supportive and encouraging. They patiently answer any doubts or
uncertainties we might face. For that, I'm really glad that I'm part of
their team. "
Agnes Teo

"Being an housing agent is never easy! It will make the whole process more complicated and filled with more frustration when you are under the guidance of wrong leader! I was once left alone to propell in this new lease of career which i have embarked, and i nearly drown off in this career with my precious division.
My life changing point had a sharp turn when i get to learn about Team Horizon in the July 2011. I was given lots of encouragement and support. What had really made my choice to change was when my mentor, Mr Eugene Lee told me that, he is willing to bring me over to his team not because of over riding commission, but to grow as a team and division. What he said is TRUE! I salute this graciousness and open heart of Mr Eugene Lee and Team Horizon!
Over a short span, i managed to closed a deal within 3 weeks at the COV of $97,888 in the month of August 2011. For the following month of September 2011, i closed another case less than a month at $80,000. (All cases with Option To Purchase to verify).
Mr Eugene is always there to help me when i am in doubt, and i know that there is someone there always for me! Thus, i am always confident in doing my job and i am fortunate to be part of Team Horizon!
Thank you Mr Eugene & Team Horizon!"
Alex Ong

Dear Eugene

I am glad to be with with ERA Horizon division. Your team is very different from others!

You have guided us how to hunt and techniques to survive in real estate business. Horizon team is not selfish; always willing to share experiences and also putting in effort to create activities in real estate businessfor everyone in the team.

Definitely, I will recommend friends, relatives, or customers who wish to be a salesperson, to join ERA Horizon division.

Cheers! "
Claire Chew

"Hi Eugene

Thank you for the guidance and support that helped me to prepare mentally for this business."

"Dear Eugene,

Ever since I came to ERA from PropNex, I would like to record my appreciation over the technical support
and mentorship that have been accorded to me, so far. I would like to make Real Estate my 2nd Career,
after retiring from the Singapore Police Force, and I sincerely hope that I will continue to enjoy the same
treatment prevalent in Team Horizon.

In you, I am seeing dynamic leadership qualities. You are charismatic with tremendous coaching abilities
and powerful motivational concepts. I hope that you could cultivate a step-by-step action plan for success
which will benefit all Team Horizon members as a whole, and, ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd, in particular.

Many thanks."

Amelyus Sulaiman


"Hi Boss,

Here is the testimonial for you:

Before I join Horizon, I am afraid that very hard to contact my mentor – you to ask a question, not even met, discussion or training

Once I joined, I found that you are replied all my sms, whatsApp, call never more than 1 day, in fact within 2~3 hours most of the times,

and also providing personal training, discussion, mentorship to me which most helpful in my career.

So, I know my decision is right.

Thanks a lot, my boss & hope you keep supporting me until I can reaching your level. "
Louis Leow

"Support had been great so far. All the training and materials provided had been very useful n I had never fail to get any support at any time. There are always someone around to answer my questions. That is the best part of Horizon so far. Especially support from Eugene had been prompt. Even during his reservice."
Alvin Lee

"When I was 1st called up by you, I was sceptical about the support and the system can provide given the disappointment I had experience. As I don't see any progress in my previous company after two years, so I took the risk to join you and never looked back since. The telemarketing system works so well that I'm making more than twice as compare to my result in previous company added together; even though as a part timer currently. In fact, I had achieve Million Dollar club within the 1st year I've join. These couldn't be possible without the support from you and the leaders. The division is like a big family and is open to share & guide. Horizon/Honour division has the system caters to both full timer and part timer alike. With the awesome system, it has gives me the confidence to switch to full time soon. Horizon/Honour is a great place to learn and grow."

Dylan Tan


“ERA Horizon Group, the sky is the limit. Indeed! Joining since August 2012 as a part time agent and university student, I manage to achieve the level of results I could hardly have dreamt of. How did I do it? Simple Answer: The strategies and plans which I have learnt, work on and partner with the leaders of ERA Horizon Group have produce such fruitful results that allow me to balance both school and work. It is indeed the division and place to be if you want to soar to the greatest of heights in your real estate career where nothing can stop you from achieving what you want with amazing leaders, training and strategies! The Sky is indeed the limit! Cheers and great thanks to ERA Horizon Group!”

Don Poh


“I am proud to be part of ERA Horizon Group big family - HORIZONIANS

Special thanks to our GDD, DDs and all the team leaders/ trainers for all their patience, encouragement and generosity in sharing and their untiring efforts in supporting and guiding us in all areas of our business: be it in area of training, coaching, motivation etc. and especially for those who are lost, they help them to find direction - to focus and to be proactive.

I really salute to them - they are a bunch of passionate and committed people with undying spirit helping and equipping us to fight the battle and brave the storm. Being in this family, we are not alone. If we encountered any problems or needed advice, they are more than willing to help you and they are prompt in their response. And best of all, we have so many leaders/trainers where we can consult and seek help.

Not only they work hard in guiding us to propel to the next level, they also planned recreational activities for us to relax. And for those achievers in ERA Horizon Group, they are being honored, recognised and awarded.

Cheers...Here in ERA Horizon Group "We belong to a big family..Horizonians"”

Irene Lee


"Horizon group is a special group in ERA. Its leaders are always helpful in answering our queries. The training it provides are practical and realistic. They are also many programmes in the group to help new or experience agents. My Leader Eugene Lee has been very helpful and patient with us. No matter what time of the day, he is always there to help us in our property. The support and advise are beyond most leader would provide. To be part of this great team is a great honour."

Michael Yeo


“I am really glad that I joined the ERA Horizon Group when I was looking to join another agency last year. What differs this team from the others is the willingness of the team leaders to assist & share their knowledge with the team members. Since i joined, the number of courses, sharing sessions, talks conducted so far were numerous. Am really impressed with the exclusive presentation session (WSP) held recently whereby the leaders spent 1 full day with us to help us improve our presentation skills. The leaders are very sincere in helping us do well in our real estate marketing career. This sincerity & openness in sharing makes me really proud to tell people that I am from the ERA Horizon Group - a group that truly cares & shares!”

Wendy Woo

“I have been with ERA Horizon Group for about a year. The leaders have been supportive and active in assisting new, inactive and zero fighters to be listers and participate actively in the real estate market. I have learnt a great deal about the property market and being a new agent, I have gained vast knowledge and experience to be active in the real estate market. The leaders have many, well prepared training programmes for those who are hungry for success. They definitely motivate and groom agents in the right way. The best thing is that there are sincere and friendly leaders in ERA Horizon Group who you can count on any time!
I do not have the slightest regrets being in ERA Horizon Group and am proud to be a member of this group. This is definitely a place to be!”

Samuel Prakash

“I used to feel lost and no sense of direction until I joined ERA Horizon Group.

It has been a great pleasure working with the team and I am proud to be part of the family.

All the trainers are always generous in sharing their knowledge and skills - they will answer questions or reply sms promptly.

Our leaders never stop thinking of new fun loving activites for us to participant to build our team cohesiveness.

Come join us with an open heart, you will love it.”

Andy Tan

“Overall, the group team work is impressive. Many programs set aside to assist new agents.

Our team trainers are good but they have their limitations too. Nevertheless, they have done their best to fit the training schedules into ours.

In summary, ERA Horizon Group is a very united n promising team!”

Eileen Soh

“After joining ERA Horizon Group from my previous company I can truly say that the culture is TOTALLY different. At my previous company I was left alone after the company induction programme, direct up line nowhere to be seen and other senior agents too busy to bother or won't bother because you are not their downline.

At ERA Horizon Group, I participated in the WOW, WOC, CRP and WSP (the Best!) programmes. And it didn't stop there. Team Leader Charles was there when I needed help with my first try at HDB unit rental. Team Leader LuoYi spent 2 hours, 1-1 with me to make sure i could understand my TimeLine for my CCK case. Alan is currently guiding me on another HDB sell/buy in Jurong. Even fellow WOC team member Erica was there for me during my first Room rental. Not to mention that John has always replied to my SMS queries and DD Eugene too! (in fact I just called him few nights ago 13/2/2013). Through the WOC programme and subsequent get together parties, fellow colleagues Erica, Hazel and me have also setup our own RoadShow.

This all means that help and support is always readily available to you here at ERA Horizon Group, and as Team Leader LuoYi said "ALL you have to do is ASK!".”
Gary Tan


“I join ERA Horizon Group in January of year 2012. My objective is to learn more about property, hope to have good directors / leaders to provide more knowledge and information about property, especially to explore the prospecting activities: Door Knocking and Roadshow. I had already explored cold calling and I like it.

What I have achieved and learnt till now :
1. Had learnt how to do effective door knocking and roadshow.
2. Had found a very good partner thru WOC to work together.
3. Had gained a lot of knowledge through attending WSS, WSP, Weekly Networking Session ,WOW program.
4. Had gained confidence in answering clients’ questions about condos.
5. Had gained confidence during presentations.
6. Had closed cases from road shows and received awards from ERA Horizon Group.
7. Had learnt to plan to achieve my goals.

When you are lost in property career, come to ERA Horizon Group.
When you need someone to guide you, ERA Horizon Group leaders are always there for you.
When you need to upgrade your knowledge, ERA Horizon Group has various sharing sessions for you.
When you need a partner to work with, participate in ERA Horizon Group activities and you will find someone to work with.
When you face problems in signing exclusive or deal with clients, call any of the leaders and they will come to your rescue.
When you participate in most of the activities in ERA Horizon Group, you will feel there is a teamwork power to push you to work hard.
When you follow what leaders do in ERA Horizon Group and work hard, you will be one of the achievers!
When you are one of the achievers, you will want to tell others to join ERA Horizon Group!
In ERA Horizon Group, we work hard and learn together!
In ERA Horizon Group, we had various activities to have fun and to relax at the same time!
ERA Horizon Group is a big family, we are all team players!”

Erica Tan

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